Mövenpick Ambassador unveils chocolate-inspired menu


Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra is treating guests to a new menu of savoury dishes with a sweet twist at its Sankofa Restaurant, as Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts launches its ‘Chocolate on the Salty Side’ promotion.

In celebration of Swiss cuisine and the versatility of chocolate, the brand’s talented ‘food artisans’ have made Mövenpick chocolate the hero of seven dishes in its latest global campaign, which runs until 20 November.

  • Marinated ‘beetroot salmon’ with root vegetables and 72% dark chocolate to enhance the meal’s rich earthiness
  • Tomato tarte tartin where white lemon chocolate complements the goat’s cheese, pine nuts and coffee beans
  • Sea bass and green tea – a light foam of green tea, almonds, nuts and Mövenpick Maple Walnut
  • Minute beef goulash, with a traditionally-made Hungarian goulash sauce, enriched with dark chocolate
  • Lamb shank and pesto, slow-roasted and then refined with pistachio and hazelnut chocolate pesto
  • Duck breast and potato pie, with white chocolate, lime and pepper

Guests can finish their meal with a ‘chocolate pavés au chocolat’, combining milk chocolate, crispy cocoa bean fragments, sizzling pecan nuts and slightly bitter matcha powder, all with a hint of green tea and paired with an espresso.