Q&A: Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel


The Southern Sun Ikoyi recently won an award as the best Southern Sun hotel. Will that change your service offering?

Not exactly. Despite winning the award, more focus will now be placed on ongoing consistency of high-quality service delivery at all levels, in the hotel.

What do you believe gave your hotel the edge in clinching the award?

I think it’s a couple of things. Firstly, we have an uncompromising approach towards basic standards at all times. Secondly, added value is provided to all our guests, regardless of whether they are corporate or individual. Thirdly, we have a well-received and strong culinary reputation and delivery. Lastly, we adopt a user-friendly approach when dealing with guests/clients of the hotel.

In future, what should guests expect from the Southern Sun Ikoyi, in terms of service delivery?

Guests can look forward to a consistently high level of quality service delivery at all times. That’s what we pride ourselves on and that’s what they can expect.

The competition in the Nigerian hospitality industry is stiff. How do you retain your competitive edge?

We have an ongoing programme that is dedicated to the training and constant re-orienting of staff members towards having a zero tolerance to poor or slack customer service. Further to that, there are a few other things that we focus on. That is, a correct staff attitude and courtesy at all times; providing more added value, in terms of room offerings; providing a strong sense of safety and security for all our clients/guests; a continuous management style that relates to participative management and collective responsibility as a team. That is how we retain our competitive edge.

What, in your opinion, makes the Southern Sun brand stand out from the crowd?

I think it’s a unique approach towards a friendly, hospitality style and an uncompromising level of attention to detail.                                                         

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