SA hotels going digital


According to Biz Community, South Africa’s leading hotels are expected to update check-in facilities in the near future, with the aid of technology.

“Technology is making it easier and more efficient for guests to access hotels whenever and wherever they want, mainly by means of free smartphone apps and bluetooth technologies,” said Veneta Eftychis, PwC Senior Manager, Hospitality & Gaming Industry.

On installation of an app, guests can do an array of things such as selecting their hotel rooms, making reservations and paying their bill. They can also check in online and have direct access to their rooms on arrival. Ultimately, with apps and bluetooth technologies, guests’ phones become their room keys for the duration of their stay.

In addition, apps allow guests to control in-room electronics, such as air conditioners, TVs, curtains and blinds. They can even order room service and make reservations for restaurants and spa treatments.
PwC expects this trend to become the norm in the near future.