SAA Baobab @ Gabfol Lounge


The new SAA Baobab @ Gabfol lounge inside the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, is specifically designed for the exclusive use of Premium Class passengers to complement their taste and quest for luxurious service and for which SAA has made a pledge.

The airline, a member of the Star Alliance, is committed to delivering total customer satisfaction not only on board and on the ground, but also offers other value-adding facilities that will maintain the airline’s competitive edge as the leading African carrier with world appeal. With an ambience of perfect relaxation and serenity in the lounge, the airline’s Premium Class passengers who are eligible to enter the lounge will be treated to a unique experience offered by the bouquet of facilities. The customers have access to Internet to continue their business as they wait for their flight, a bar with assorted drinks, local and continental meals, and an enclosed smokers’ lounge.

In addition, South African Airways makes sure that these select customers are kept abreast of both local and world news and current affairs with a combination of local and international newspapers and magazines together with flatscreen televisions providing an array of news and other interesting programmes for guests’ relaxation. The Premium Class lounge also boasts of a shower for those customers who wish to freshen up before getting on board.

An aesthetic feature of the lounge is the way in which the distinctive South African Airways corporate colours are combined with earthy tones, providing an elegant and welcoming environment. Customers have a magnificent view of the airport apron allowing them a feel of the vibrancy of Murtalla Muhammad International airport. Research which focused on customers’ needs was a key factor in determining the final concept and design of the lounge. The construction took time because of the attention to detail required. The design throughout the lounge remains true to South African Airways’ uniquely South African heritage and African roots.

South African Airways believes that their Nigerian passengers are discerning and demand the best in terms of product and service, and are well-placed as world travellers. This encourages the airline to continually offer superior service on all its destinations with a focus being on Africa.

Gabfol Lounge

Inside the South African Airways’ Boabab oasis of relaxation, the palatial Gabfol facility is divided into two sections, with the other private wing opened to all members of the travelling public who meet the membership requirements of the management, which is categorised into three: personal; preferred and premium membership.

The private lounge’s Italian architectural design fused with African concept gives all eligible members absolute value for their money. Although, not officially opened, the private Gabfol lounge is a trendsetter in private lounges in Nigeria. This lounge will offer more passengers a unique, internationally acclaimed array of services which combine business and relaxation.

In its international-standard kitchens, Gabfol lounges prepare freshly cooked meals, catering to both local and intercontinental cuisine.  Customers have access to free Internet, and a separate private lounge for VVIPs offers showers to freshen up.