Advertorial: Afro Tourism – Telling the African Story the African Way


The world has always heard about Africa through the western voices – the story about famine, poverty and disease – but that is not the true picture of Africa. The real African story is best told by African voices.

It’s the story that replete the various pages of Afro Tourism’s website:; from the picturesque dunes in Northern African to the cosy beaches and resort towns dotting the continent’s shores. Here is where African hope lies.

Africa is magical, with its vibrant pink hue of Lac Rose and the phenomenal wonder that is Oguta Lake – both illustrate some of the wonders of the western region. The southern region’s Kimberly Hole – the world’s biggest excavated hole – and the Okavango Delta speak volumes as confident examples of Africa’s grip on her environment. Not forgetting the northern region, which has, for centuries, been feeding the rest of the world with the Pyramids of Gaza – an attestation to the birth of ancient civilisation and its origin in Africa. The pristine wildernesses of the eastern regions boasts of lands full of mesmerising, overcast skies and an underlay of magical dunes and landscapes. This is the magic that is Africa.

Africa is a land of diverse cultures, reflected in the many festivals and carnivals celebrated from shore to shore. Traditional musical fiestas and dances, all of which form the billowing fabric of Africa and her unparalleled beauty, usually accompany these hugely popular cultural converges. From the voodoo festivals to the new yam festivals, to the melodious beats of afrobeat, makossa, highlife and the modern conventional sounds, Africa is a land rooted in vibrant displays of culture and music.

Africa is a giant and her cities are a testament to this fact. From downtown Johannesburg to inner city Dakar, to Morocco’s sky scrapping mosques; not forgetting the stunning boutique hotels of Lagos to Nairobi’s high rise buildings adorning her like a bejewelled bride – Africa is large, populated and bustling with rambunctious energy. Regardless of the big cities our culture in Africa still remains unspoilt and untouched!

Let us guide you in the knowledge and experience of Africa. At Afro Tourism we have created a community of travellers willing to tell and share the African Story. This community of Afrotourists has searched, explored and engaged in activities in Africa and can tell you first-hand about the beauty of the continent. It is important to showcase the cultural diversity and beauty of Africa by sharing stories, videos and pictures of various experiences and destinations.

Governments across Africa are starting to collaborate with us in presenting Africa’s true story. The story has been told by Afro Tourism about the booming resort island which Cabo Verde is fast becoming; the monuments in Northern Africa, the beautiful cities of Southern Africa, the colourful festivals of Western Africa, the wildlife of Eastern Africa, the stunning islands. Even the least-known places on the continent have been covered by Afro Tourism.

Let us keep collaborating in telling the Africa story diligently through African leaders and economy players.

Afro Tourism is telling the true Africa story.


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