Wings Travel launches new product


Wings Travel Management, a travel management company prominent in the oil and gas industry, is boosting its management information capabilities with the launch of GoData, a mobile-enabled business intelligence tool, which will allow clients to ‘drill down’ their travel data in much greater detail.

GoData gives clients direct access to every aspect of their travel data – not only detailed supplier usage and traveller behaviour, but also interactive traveller tracking, incident management, SLA fulfilment, advanced booking analysis, CO2 emission tracking, savings reports, and high-level personalised performance overviews with detailed graph and chart drill-down functionality. As a result, clients can perform comprehensive analytics, transforming their data into valuable insights and informed decision-making about their travel spend and traveller safety.

GoData has been created with user-friendly functionality, including drag-and-drop options. The tool can also schedule customised reports for a specific date or time. It can be accessed from a client’s hand-held device, tablet, notebook or PC, allowing them to retrieve reports on the move, wherever they are in the world.