ASATA: Sharing is caring

Our personal data has become a highly valued currency; one which we are not willing to trade easily. Marketing companies are trying continuously to tempt us to hand over our data in exchange for free or discounted services, but you know as well as I do that you’re not happy to lose control over your personal information. The truth, however, is that although customers won’t give away data for the sake of a discount, they will share information in return for tangible and relevant value. So, why should you hand over your valuable personal data to your ASATA travel agent? What value will you get in return? In travel, more so than in any other industry, customers value personalisation. Your data will allow your ASATA travel agent to create a truly ‘personalised’ travel experience. Without you having to say a word, your consultant will know you prefer a window seat on the plane. She’ll make sure your rental car has an aircon and unlimited kilometres. And she’ll send you information about a cool jazz festival that is happening near your conference venue because she knows jazz really gets you going. By allowing your travel agent to gather intelligence about you, she will be able to deliver a seamless, cross-channel experience. Is your plane delayed? You won’t have to pick up the phone. Your travel agent will have notified the car rental company and will have arranged later check-in at the hotel. When it comes to safety, your personal data is invaluable. If you allow your travel agent to track you on your trip, she’ll be able to reach out to you immediately in the event of an emergency. Even your luggage can be tracked down. Technology-based luggage tags have tracking systems that track your luggage and can send real-time data via text message or e-mail. Just forward this information to your travel agents, and she will be able to locate your suitcase for you. And remember, your data is safe in the hands of the ASATA travel agent you know and trust. Computers and analytics can spout all manner of trending data, but it takes the human touch of the travel agent to make the magic happen. Otto de Vries CEO: ASATA