Building blockchains

Most people have heard of Bitcoin by now – the mysterious electronic currency created by “Satoshi Nakamoto”, a nom de plume identifying the inventor,...

New kind of luxury

If luxury or ‘premium’ travel is not what it used to be, what does that mean for the traveller of today and the traveller of

User-friendly business travel

As Zambia’s primary business travel destination, Lusaka is relatively ‘user-friendly’, with a small, simple airport, nice selection of branded hotels, and a layout that makes

A New Dawn

After more than 30 years of Mugabe rule, Zimbabwe has a new president and the hopes of a more prosperous future, but the

TMCs in Africa

As client needs change and with the almost constant pressure on spend, never mind the impact of technology, the travel

Remote working: club rules

By 2020, it’s estimated that as many as one in two workers in the UK will be freelance or self-employed, collectively contributing more than £51 billion ($67 billion) to the economy. The same trend is being observed in the US. And it’s not just the self employed

More for less

It’s big business, this MICE business. According to a report published at the start of the year by Allied Market Research, titled, "MICE Industry by Event Type: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2017-2023", the global MICE industry was valued

Behind the curve

Is the prospect of ‘open skies’ in Africa a possibility, or is it just pie in the sky? Kate Kennedy investigates The International Air Transport...

Bullish and optimistic

The world’s big hotel groups still see Africa as relatively untapped and under-supplied, and they continue to put together development pipelines that look impressive on paper, but require a greater conversion rate to make a material impact on the African hotel landscape in the short-term.

Bouncing back

It’s been a challenging few years for Nigeria, but there are positive signs that this African superpower is bouncing back. Nigeria has been referred to...

Making a plan

‘Day Zero’ may have been pushed back, but the water crisis in South Africa’s Western Cape has had a significant impact on travel to...

Primed for growth

Private aviation in Africa is in a healthy state, but it’s not showing the growth that it should – yet – according to those...